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Speed tests conducted using our USB modem in January, 2012 revealed a typical download speed of between 3.4Mbps and 5.8Mbps for most of our customers within our Perth coverage area. Our home gateway has not yet been subject to the same speed testing, but with its bigger antenna it is observed to provide equal or better speeds than the USB modem and the ViViFi® Wi-Fi hotspot. The ViViFi has the same antenna gain as the USB modem and thus receives a similar signal strength.

By “typical download speed” we mean time critical Internet traffic like web browsing, email, video streaming and file downloads. P2P speeds are not included within this category and due to network priorities are likely to be slower, especially during peak hours.

Individual speeds may vary due to distance from base station, network usage, local conditions and user behaviour. Customers should be aware that we cannot guarantee that every single customer will enjoy the same average speed, or that their speeds will always or even some times be within the typical range. However you should still enjoy a great Internet experience if your speed is less than the typical range. For example:

1 Mbps or less will allow you to browse general websites such as banking, news, weather, send and receive emails, use Skype™ video and phone, watch catch up TV and use social media sites such as Twitter™ and Facebook™.

1-3Mbps will allow you to stream ‘lite’ media such as standard YouTube™ content and tv on demand (but High Definition content will require much higher bandwidth of between 4-10Mbps).

File downloads such as movies (not streaming) and software updates will work at 1 Mbps. For instance at 1Mbps a 200MB Windows™ update would take around 30 minutes and this would happen in the background. At 2 Mbps this would take around 13 minutes.

Things that may affect your speed include the type of vividwireless device you are using, environmental factors (like large structures surrounding your house etc), location, local conditions, hardware and software. Other factors include the source from which you wish to download data, overseas links & site congestion levels, background applications on your computer, the number of people sharing your modem’s Wi-Fi connection and the type of content being downloaded.

As a general rule, the further away that you are from the base station, the slower your broadband speed will be, wireless or fixed.

Why does speed matter?

If you want to download music, stream video, play online games, use video chat, or email large documents you will want to enjoy the fastest download speeds you can. You also want that connection to be consistent across the day and night. 

Actual speeds and theoretical speeds

We don’t believe in misleading customers by telling you about ‘theoretical’ peak or ‘up to’ speeds. If you’ve ever experienced the frustration of not getting the theoretical speed you were promised, you’ll understand why. We regularly speed test the network to report the most accurate information we can.

Our typical speed range is similar to fixed line broadband (ADSL), and you’ll also have consistent and reliably fast Internet speeds. Plus it’s portable, affordable and easy to use.

Testing our speed in Perth

We use both fixed probes and random drive testing to conduct speed tests on our own 4G network. We measure the transfer speed of a 5MB file from an FTP service to a USB terminal device connected by our vividwireless modem.

For data analysis we use the fastest and lowest speeds recorded during a continuous 24-hour period. 

Our methodology has been independently verified by an external auditor, Data Analysis Australia for statistical accuracy.

For those who like the numbers

During testing in January, 2012 most of the time, 80% of our customers enjoyed download speeds between 3.4Mbps and 5.8Mbps, with more than 90% of our customers enjoying typical download speeds exceeding 1Mbps.

Most customers can expect to obtain download speeds within this range around 75% of the time, based on network tests conducted in January, 2012. Actual speeds for individual users may vary due to distance from base station, network usage, device users, local conditions, download source and general Internet traffic.

Other states

We have not yet undertaken any speed testing in our Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane coverage areas, however you should experience similar performance to our Perth customers. 

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