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What do you use the internet for? Research? Gaming? Shopping? Study? Social networking? Checking emails? Making phone calls? Are you a homebody or do you need a mobile broadband plan? Everyone's different. And that's why we have affordable wireless 4G data plans in all shapes, sizes and combos. The choice is all yours - because you can mix and match, you won't be tied up with a contract you don't need, or have services you can't use. All our plans are designed to be bundled with our ViViFi Wi-Fi hotspot.

Choose from seven different plans depending on how much (or how little) data you chew through each month. Plus, you get to decide if you should keep it loose by paying month to month, or save on modem costs with a 12-month plan.

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All right. You don’t need to sign up to a plan right away. You can also purchase pre-paid vouchers, with a 30 day to as many as 180 day expiry, from 1GB to unlimited daily or weekly passes. They’re easy to recharge online or purchase from participating retailers.

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Well, hello cheap national, international and mobile phone calls. Kiss your landline goodbye and bundle an internet phone service with your wireless broadband plan. It’s a double saving, as you lose the additional costs of a fixed phone connection, and pay less for phone calls too.

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