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Why Wireless Internet?

Vividwireless provides wireless internet using 4G LTE technology.  Since we use a wireless connection, you can access the internet without a phone line or cable outlet.  You can be online within minutes of receiving your device without the need for technicians to come to your house.

Unlike other internet providers, our technology is purpose built for data rather than mobile phone services. We focus on giving you great access to the internet so you can search, download, share and send data easily.

What's so great about Vividwireless 4G wireless broadband?

  • Internet that's Simple to Use

We use our own plug & play modem. Since it's wireless broadband, no phone line is required.

  • Internet that's Convenient to Set-up

Get online in minutes, once you self-activate your modem. No need to wait for technicians to connect your internet service!

  • Vividwireless is all about Great Value wireless internet

Enjoy generous data inclusions at prices you can afford. Our great value plans have no peak or off-peak periods and no excess usage charges.
Checkout our Unlimited Internet plan, for peace of mind and freedom from any data limits!