Vividwireless Wireless Internet

Vividwireless provides wireless broadband using 4G LTE technology. Unlike some other providers, we use a wireless internet connection (not cable or DSL) through a simple plug and play modem that will have your internet connected within minutes. 

Our technology is purpose built for data rather than mobile phone services.

We focus on giving you great access to the internet so you can search, download, share and send data easily.

What's so great about Vividwireless 4G wireless internet?

Internet that's so simple

It's easy to get started with Vividwireless, simply check your coverage, purchase a modem and activate it. We use our own plug & play modem for ease of connection to our internet network. Since it's wireless broadband, no phone line is required.

As a dedicated wireless internet service provider, we've also learnt how to keep it simple for our customers:

  • There is just one dedicated modem to connect with our network
  • We use your nominated email address as your username
  • Payment is via direct debit so there's no lengthy credit checks 

Wireless Internet that's so convenient

Self-activate within minutes, once you get your modem home. Vividwireless' plug and play modem means you don't have to wait for technicians to connect you to our internet service. 

If you bought online or via our call centre, you've probably already set up your account. Once you finalise your account and payment details, your internet service is ready to be used.

By the way, when you checked your coverage our service qualification will have advised you if you are within our coverage area. This is further backed up by our 14 day Money Back Guarantee for coverage or signal issues! 

If you need help in activating your modem, our dedicated call centre can also support and guide you through the activation process. 

Great Value Internet Plans!

Vividwireless internet is all about great value plans and freedom from excess usage charges. You'll be glad to know that there's no peak or off-peak periods too! 
If you're after peace of mind and don't want any data limits, checkout our unlimited internet plan. For $90/month, with no lock-in contract option (just buy our modem outright) and no phone line needed (which means no phone line rental) it offers excellent value! 

Whichever Vividwireless internet plan you choose, you can have freedom from excess usage. There will be no surprises in your monthly payment because you will know how much you're paying every month in our direct debit agreement with you.