Benefits of Vividwireless Wireless Internet

The Benefits of Wireless Internet

If you’re still unsure about going wireless and ditching cable internet, take a minute to read though some of the advantages of wireless internet below.

The Convenience of plug and play

Why make things complicated when they can be really easy and painless? With a wireless internet connection, you don’t need to worry about which cable goes where or whether it is long enough or looks neat enough. You only need to connect your Vividwireless plug and play modem into a power source and check that you can connect to the network. Your computer and other devices can be connected through WIFI. You also don’t need the help of a technician because the plug and play process is very simple. Did I mention you don’t need a phone line? So take that dusty telephone away and give it to someone who doesn’t have wireless internet and still uses cordless phones at home.

Increased mobility

If you feel like taking your laptop to your bedroom and watching a DVD, you can simply take it to your room and enjoy the movie — no need to disconnect/reconnect the Ethernet cables. Likewise, when moving furniture around the house, you just need to worry about the power source, not the gazillions cables and how to make it work with your new set up. Guess what? You can also move house and get internet in your new home within minutes (check out mum blogger Michelle’s review on “Staying online when moving house” for details on this) — just make sure your new home is within the Vividwireless coverage area.

Vividwireless Internet Without Phone Line

Declutter the mind

In the age of Marie Kondo — the world-famous decluttering guru — and Feng Shui living, one can’t afford to have messy cables running through their living room or home office. The idea is to avoid physical clutter which reduces your ability to focus and process information.1 It can also make you feel more stressed, according to the study of 32 families by UCLA researchers.2 So grab a bin and put all those unnecessary cables away. Do you feel that sense of relief and inner peace yet?

Sharing is caring

It’s a lot easier to share files between computers, with family or flatmates, when everyone can easily connect to the network and to the internet. That means you can access the wireless network from your bathroom and listen to your daughter’s dance playlist while brushing your teeth – if you feel like it! Everyone can move around freely and access the network from their bedrooms or favourite spot in the house to browse the internet and share funny videos with the rest of the household.

If you really feel like sharing the love, refer a friend and when they activate an eligible Vividwireless internet plan and stay with us for 21 days or more, you will both get a FREE month of data on your chosen plans (View the ‘Refer a Friend’ T&C’s here).

Now all you need to do to get started with Vividwireless is check that your address is within the coverage area.

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