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An efficient wireless internet connection - Vividwireless Review by Love From Mim

Lifestyle blogger Mim gives us a tour of her beautiful, functional home office space and reviews Vividwireless' cable-free, mess-free, reliable internet service for the budget-conscious.

"Vividwireless is purpose built for data rather than mobile phone services, focusing on giving Aussies great access to the internet to search, download, share and send data easily. With plans starting at just $70 per month, to unlimited GB (acceptable use policy applies to their unlimited plan) access for only $90 that allows users to download as many movies, music tracks or games as you like – there’s something for every budget."

You can place this Vividwireless modem where you require, not where you're limited to because of a phone line. Have a look at our plans, fit for light, moderate and heavy users. Get a better understanding of our wireless internet service before you take the plunge.

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Vividwireless is built for all the great things you want to do with wireless internet. Getting your internet connected with Vividwireless is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.  Simply check your coverage, buy a Vividwireless modem and activate it online!