Vividwireless - We Are Dannah

A great alternative to cable internet - Vividwireless Review by We Are Dannah

Perth-based blogger 'we are dannah' explores Vividwireless unlimited 4g wireless broadband to stream her favourite Youtube videos, Netflix movies and stay in touch with her family in the UK.

"We unboxed our modem, plugged the power cable in to the wall and were streaming youtube within a few moments. I was a little skeptical at first, surely a 4G modem wouldn't be anywhere near as good as cable internet? It's safe to say we were both pleasantly surprised, we've managed to watch hours of youtube, stream movies on Netflix, Skype home and upload 100's of photos without even the slightest bit of buffering."

Most of us don't need the fastest, latest, most expensive internet connection. What we need is a reliable, hassle-free internet connection that allows us to browse the web, watch a movie and share exciting content online with our loved ones. Vividwireless lets you do all of that and doesn't require any cables. Check your coverage and shop online now.

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