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Home internet ideal for families - Vividwireless Review by MumsDelivery

Busy mum of 3 and online business owner, Lorraine Salvi, reviews Vividwireless Unlimited 4G LTE plan. The amazingly simple set up of the plug and play modem and the unlimited data month-to-month plan, with no excess data charges, had Lorraine most impressed.

"In fact, the simplicity of the Vividwireless system was greatly appreciated this week when my son was admitted to hospital for an extended period. Hubby brought the modem to me, I plugged it in and received great Wi-Fi internet immediately. Not only was I able to complete work requirements while we were sitting and waiting, I could offer my son the opportunity to watch his favourite shows and have a sense of normality during his stay."

Vividwireless has great value plans for the budget conscious. Enjoy generous data inclusions at prices you can afford - no peak or off-peak periods and no excess usage charges. Check your coverage to get started and explore our fantastic plans here. 

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