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The home internet solution for a busy household - Vividwireless Review by NJT Blogger

Internet-hungry mum Nikita gets rid of her unpleasant Ethernet cords running through the house and gives cable-free, unlimited 4G LTE internet by Vividwireless a try.

"Vividwireless have changed the game when it comes to internet and those cords everywhere. Vividwireless require no phone line connection AT ALL, they provide you with up to 12 mbps download and 1 mbps uploading!"

Why have a phone and messy cables when you can use a wireless, plug and play modem that won't take up space in your beautiful house? You don't need cables and cords to ensure your internet connection works and meets the needs of everyone in your household. Find out what's so special about Vividwireless and make the switch today. 

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Vividwireless is built for all the great things you want to do with wireless internet. Getting your internet connected with Vividwireless is as easy as 1, 2, and 3.  Simply check your coverage, buy a Vividwireless modem and activate it online!