Vividwireless - Agent Mystery Case

Internet working in minutes with no fuss - Vividwireless Review by Agent Mystery Case

Agent Mystery Case tackles the challenge of moving house and losing her internet connection for a month, while trying to finish a business degree and starting her own business. She discovers the beauty of 4G wireless internet with Vividwireless' Unlimited GB plan and the uncanniness of having her internet connected within minutes.

"I must confess I was skeptical about the Vividwireless ‘plug and play’ modem which claims it can have you online in minutes with no fuss. After all the hassles we’ve had with internet following the move, I couldn’t believe it could be that simple. It seriously was. NO FUSS at all. I’m use to the fuss factor when it comes to the internet, so you have no idea how weird it felt when everything worked as it should with Vividwireless’ 1,2 3 easy set up…"

Whether about family or internet, keep your connection tight thanks to Vividwireless' wireless broadband. Check your coverage, check our plans and get connected in minutes. Easy as that.

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