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The Pet Connect - by Dr Katrina Warren

Dr Katrina Warren is an Australian veterinarian, author and animal lover, best known for her work in the media as a presenter and spokesperson.

"Pets are a natural part of everyday life for the majority of Australians. In fact, almost two thirds of households own pets, with every second home currently housing a dog or a cat.

There are good reasons for the huge popularity of pets. Research shows that pet owners are happier and healthier than non-pet owners, pets help connect people with nature and each other, they make people feel secure, they encourage exercise and can help prevent loneliness. So it’s not surprising that people really love their pets and the majority of owners regard their pet as “one of the family”. 

Like most Australians, I share my life with animal companions - Riley my delightful Golden Retriever rescue dog and Mr Fox, my outrageous Maine Coon cat. I love their companionship and enjoy sharing their hilarious antics on my social media. Their presence also really helps to make my house feel like home.

Ninety two percent of owners report feeling very close to their pets, so it’s little wonder that when at work or away from the house many miss their pets or worry about them. Many pet owners work long hours and are reluctant to leave their four-legged buddies home all day while they’re at the office, especially when they might sometimes come home only briefly before heading out again for dinner or drinks.

In recent years there’s been a proliferation of services such as pet minding, dog walking and doggy day care, as pet owners seek to ensure their pets are safe, happy and entertained. Many services will even send owners photos of their dogs walking, socialising and playing, as further assurance of the pet’s well-being. I know many owners when they are away from home would love the opportunity to watch, communicate and connect with their dogs and cats.

Vividwireless are giving you the chance to stay connected with your pets, by giving away a pet-friendly holiday voucher so you can go on a luxurious holiday with your beloved pets, and 6 pet webcams to keep an eye on them at all times.

All you need to do is upload your favourite photo or video of your pet via one of the below entry methods:  

The entry with the most votes wins!  We encourage you to share with your followers to get more votes.

Prizes Include:
1st prize  - $2,000 Luxico pet friendly holiday voucher and a Petzi Cam (valued at $225). 
Runner-ups - Top 5 runner-up entries will each win a Petzi Cam.

Vividwireless is simple to set up as no phone line is required.  You can be online in minutes and conveniently activate your modem yourself, making it easy to stay connected to your pets."

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