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A tear-free, reliable internet service - Vividwireless Review by Finlee And Me

Finlee and Me blogger Angela experiences first-hand what hassle-free internet service means. No cables or phone line required, just a plug and play modem and her 4G wireless internet was up and running in minutes.

"My husband and I opened the Vividwireless box and were amazed with the simple instructions we were provided. Since Vividwireless uses a simple plug and play modem, we were online within 10 minutes from start to finish.  There were no tears, no phone calls waiting on hold for help and no technicians that needed to come to our home."

As Angela demonstrates, moving houses is no fun when you have to reorganise your bills and services, but Vividwireless lets your reconnect straight away without having to find your phone line. Learn how our modem works and plan your move accordingly by checking your coverage in advance.

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