Please contact our Sales and Service Centre on 1300 327 837, as we will need to verify your account details and any outstanding payments that are due. Please contact us at least 2 days before your next bill to cancel your service.

Alternatively you can confirm the closure of your account by emailing us at with the following information so we can proceed with the cancellation:

Email Address (as listed on the account):

Full Name:

Date of Birth:

First Pet's Name: or,

Driver's License Number:

Please also let us know whether you would like us to close your account immediately, or at the end of your next billing cycle.


Payments already made for the billing month are not prorated on cancellation.

Please be aware that for all cancellations, we need at least two day's notice before your next billing date to ensure you are not charged for your next month. You can find your billing date on the monthly invoice that is emailed to you.

To discuss your account further, we'd recommend speaking to our accounts team at the Sales and Service Centre on 1300 32 78 37.