40GB Internet Plan - $59/month

Ideal for moderate internet users and allows you to download a bit more.

Get online in minutes!

  • It's wireless broadband, so there's no phone line required.
  • Self-activate your internet when you receive your modem.
  • We use a simple plug and play modem, no need for technicians to come to your house. Vividwireless' Home Gateway modem allows ease of connection to our internet services.

What's so good about Vividwireless' 40GB Plan?

  • 40GB lets you surf the internet, check your emails, shop online, access your social media channels and do more of the things you love to do with the internet.
  • Remember, if it’s not enough, you can easily move up to an unlimited plan.
  • No lock-in contract options, with our month-to-month payment plan.
  • Just pay for your modem outright ($199) and get connected to Vividwireless' internet service within minutes of receiving your modem.
  • However, if you sign on a 24 month contract, we'll include the modem for you  ($0 upfront on a 24 month contract).
  • No excess usage charges, whichever Vividwireless internet plan you choose! This means there's no bill shock or surprises in your monthly payment.

Important to know:

  • Only one modem can be connected to this plan.
  • Our Acceptable Use Policy applies to this plan.
  • All for use in Oz. Cost of 1MB data on on $59 40GB plan is $0.0015.
  • Vividwireless' LTE internet service provides up to 10mbps download and 1 mbps upload.

What can you do with this speed?

Pretty much anything you would ordinarily use your internet for; browse online, check emails, shop online, download music, watch movies and more.

Critical Information Summary

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