vividwireless is committed to making this website as accessible as possible to people with disabilities. To this end, this website was developed and is maintained using the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) guidelines  for accessibility.

We adhere to W3C accessibility standards by:

  • providing alternatives for visual and audio content (e.g. alt attributes for image tags)
  • separating content, behaviour and style (e.g. use of external style sheets, external JavaScript scripts and semantic HTML)
  • using tables for only tabular data, not for page layout
  • allowing for graceful degradation for browsers which don't support particular technologies (e.g. JavaScript).

Although many documents and applications on this site are accessible to machine-reading devices, some legacy documents and applications are not. Our efforts to retrofit or upgrade non-accessible information are continuing.

If you are experiencing difficulties obtaining the information you require or would like other information on or about this site, please send us an email or give our Sales and Service Centre a call on: 1300 32 78 37.