Phone plans fair use policy

This policy is designed to ensure that all customers receive acceptable access to our phone services, and to protect the quality and integrity of the vividwireless network.  It forbids excessive and unreasonable use, terms which are explained below.


By choosing a phone plan, signing up and using our service you accept this Fair Use Policy (FUP) just as if you had actually signed a piece of paper saying so. 

In this Fair Use Policy 'you' and 'your' mean the service user (that’s you or in the case of small business, the company if there is one, or principal otherwise).  'We', 'our' and 'us' means vividwireless Pty Limited.  'Our services' means the phone service that we have agreed to provide to you. 

When you signed up you also accepted our Terms and Conditions, which contain definitions of some of the terms used here. Please make sure that you read them. This FUP forms part of those terms. Please also check the FAQs if you have any doubts about usage.

If in our opinion you breach the FUP we may suspend or terminate your access to the services. We may do so without giving you notice, but we will let you know when we do. If we terminate your services and you have agreed to a fixed contract term, you must pay the applicable early termination fee.

We may monitor your account to check that this FUP is being followed.

The FUP relates in particular to usage of untimed, included and flat rate calls on certain vividwireless phone plans.

We may vary the terms of the FUP from time to time.  If you have any questions or concerns about your use of the vividwireless phone Services, please check this FUP to ensure that you understand it and to ensure that it hasn’t changed since you last read it. 

This FUP is not comprehensive. If you use our services in any way which we reasonably determine may be illegal or detrimental to our network, our services or any of our other customers, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access without notice.

Excessive use

Excessive use means any single call duration of more than 180 minutes where an untimed or a flat rate applies or more than 3000 total minutes of talk time per month. Similarly a significantly high number of calls indicates that the service is not being used for residential use by customers on our consumer plans or small business use by customers on our small business plans. This is also contrary to our terms and conditions. .

If your use of your phone plan is excessive we may contact you by phone or email, using the contact details that you have provided to request that you modify call practices.

If after our request your phone usage continues at a similar level, we may change your plan to another plan or suspend or terminate your access to the Services immediately without notice to you, but we will let you know when we do. 

Unreasonable Use

vividwireless provides the Services so that you can make and receive calls on our network.  The Services are provided for your personal use (unless you are a small business plan customer).

Unreasonable use of the Service includes using the phone service for business purposes (excluding small business customers), using a device that reroutes calls to or from our network or the network of another supplier and any wholesaling or reselling of services on our network.

We may in our absolute discretion give our consent to these types of uses, but we will only do so in writing – you cannot obtain this kind of consent over the phone or via a sales agent in store.  

If we choose on any occasion not to do anything about these types of uses that does not mean that we consent to them and that we may not at any time take action to prevent them.

Your use of the Service will also be unreasonable if you reduce or limit the ability of other customers to access our network by engaging in the bridging of conference calls, using the Service to link two or more communication devices together for the purposes of providing a permanent or semi-permanent circuit, or using the service for any other purpose in which the predominant function is not person-to-person voice communication.

If your use of your phone plan is unreasonable we may contact you by phone or email, using the contact details that you have provided, to ask that you change the way you use the Services.

If we consider your use unreasonable we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your access to the Services without any prior warning or notice. We will let you know if we do.